Performance Testing

With the aid of Tusker Tek' tools, performance testing for your application is simplified simpler. Increase the number of people executing your tests at once to hundreds of thousands, and create load from various global areas. Before they have an influence on your business, recognise and resolve performance concerns.

You select the frameworks and technologies, and you test your modifications regularly in a quick, scalable, and effective way. You can automate build-deploy-test operations whether your app is on-premises or in the cloud. However, the quality of your app is also measured by precise, customisable test results, so it's not just about speed.

Plan, Execute, and Track


Receive complete traceability for all artefacts. Use the Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) client or your browser to run tests and log issues. Maintain quality control across the whole testing lifecycle.

To optimize our clients automation efforts delivers

Thought leadership

We are experts in using commercial and open source tools

A tool-agnostic approach

We use the best tool available for your specific environment.

Increased speed and reliability

We leverage leading automation frameworks that feature test reuse

A track record of success

We have consistently used test automation tools to decrease costs and delivering measurable improvements in results.